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Touren in London

London, like most capitals, has seen historic events unfold – both in the heart of the city and within its surroundings. From war, heavy rain and struggles to weddings, tea receptions and sunny days, this city has seen both the worst and the best of times. Therefore, London is also worth exploring!

A fire in 1666 caused that most buildings in the city had to be recreated from scratch. The famous architect, Christopher Wren, was hired to design the city. His idea was to construct the buildings in bricks and stone instead of wood. During this process, Wren also designed St. Paul’s Cathedral. It took 35 years, before it was finished. It is a truly beautiful church – Charles’ and Diana’s wedding took place here in 1981. On our Afternoon London Tour, you can visit St. Paul’s Cathedral among other historic places.

Some tours can be experienced on your own, and in those cases an audio guide is often available. Our ticket to Tower of London is a good example; not only do you skip the long lines, you also learn more about the stunning monument, which has had a key role in British history.

While it has also played the lead in many royal stories, Buckingham Palace has been the host of royal events for years. During the Blitz back in 1940, every Londoner thought the palace would be lost. But despite the bombings, this beautiful piece of history ended up standing strong. One of the most famous photos of the palace was taken at the time. It is a stunning palace, and this is just one of its interesting stories! When you visit, try to spot the balcony; this is where the royals appear on public occasions.

Among our other city tours are:

Harry Potter & Warner Bros. Studio Tour
Churchill’s War Rooms
Hop-on Hop-off Sightseeing Bus London

After your preferred tour, you can always consider ordering Fish & Chips at a café. It is the ultimate London comfort food and a wonderful way to end your day!

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Touren in London

Von geschichtsträchtigen königlichen Palästen bis hin zu neuen und lustigen Attraktionen, die britische Hauptstadt bietet einfach alles. Wer Musik liebt, wird auf einer der vielen Rock´n Roll Touren glücklich und erfährt mehr über Bands wie The Beatles. Harry Potter Fans aus aller Welt treffen sich im Warner Bros. Studio und Harry Potter Museum und wer sich für Geschichte interessiert, besucht den Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey und den Kensington Palace. Wir haben was Sie suchen!

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